Mostlysane: Social Media Superstar Prajakta Koli gets Engaged to BoyFriend

Prajakta Koli, a content creator, and Vrishank Khanal, her long-term partner, got engaged. She posted a photo of herself with him wearing her diamond ring on social media. Her caption read, “@vrishankkhanal is now my ex-boyfriend.”

In the picture, Vrishank smiled at the camera while Prajakta appeared shocked as she displayed her ring. The pair has been on vacation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a few days. They have been each other’s close friends and supporters throughout their journey for more than 12 years.

Friends and fans of Prajakta and Vrishank thanked them and shared their happiness at the excellent news. “Bravo, @mostlysane and @vrishankkhanal.

Prajakta Koli

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