Anupama Written Episode 7 September Update: Pakhi Goes Missing

Anupama Written Episode 7 September: Anupama asks Pakhi, asking if she doesn’t want to attend the Rakhi celebration, she shouldn’t feel grateful to come. She pointed out that tying Rakhi to her brothers didn’t mean she was doing them a favor.

Anupama continued, emphasizing that for Pakhi, her brothers and family didn’t hold much significance; her husband was what mattered most. She encouraged Choti Anu to join them, and together, Anuj, Anupama, and Choti Anu left the scene. This left Pakhi feeling upset as she was reminded of moments with her brother.

Anupama Written Episode

Upon arriving at the Shah house, Anupama informed Samar and Toshu that Pakhi wasn’t coming and that she seemed determined about something. Anuj suggested that once Pakhi’s anger subsided, she might change her mind.

Choti Anu, on the other hand, had already arrived and began performing the Rakhi ceremony with her brothers. Anuj then informed Anupama about Vanraj’s apparent distress and offered to speak with him.

Vanraj admitted he wasn’t fine, and Anuj proposed an idea to cheer him up, to which Vanraj joked about starting poetry. He thanked Anuj for tolerating Pakhi’s tantrums and acknowledged that life had taught him to find humor in his own troubles.

Anupama later approached Kavya, mentioning that she had seen her message and anticipated Mr. Shah changing his decision, but she believed he might change it again due to his habit. Kavya expressed her weariness with hope and Anupama advised her that, regardless of gender, what she had done was wrong.

She mentioned that forgiveness would be an act of greatness on the family’s part, but Kavya shouldn’t rely on it. Anupama offered her prayers but cautioned against expecting too much.

Choti Anu received gifts from her brothers after tying Rakhi to them, expressing her love for them. Dimpy appeared upset, and Baa instructed Kinjal to bring sweets. Meanwhile, Pakhi listened to voice notes from her brother and felt emotional.

Adhik encouraged her to go and not make a big sacrifice for him. He advised her not to leave her family for his sake, even though they might mistreat him. Pakhi expressed her love for Adhik, and he return, secretly smirking. He mentioned going to meet a friend from the US.

Pakhi eventually sent a message to Samar, indicating that she was coming. Anupama hoped that something would make her understand her actions. Samar informed the family about Pakhi’s impending arrival.

Meanwhile, Romil contemplated Barkha and Adhik’s accusations against him regarding theft. As Pakhi left her house, she received a call and mentioned that she was on her way. However, an hour passed, and she still hadn’t arrived, leaving Samar and Toshu worried.

Anupama advised Toshu to call again, but Pakhi’s phone was unreachable. Anuj suggested going home to check, and Vanraj asked them to call once they reached home. Vanraj also questioned Adhik about Pakhi’s whereabouts, and Adhik claimed to have been with a friend.

Barkha informed them that Pakhi had said she was going to the Shah house. Romil argued that they had left together and had a heated argument. Anupama asked Adhik if he knew anything about Pakhi, and he swore that he didn’t.

Anupama’s worry grew, and Anuj suggested not crying but instead searching for Pakhi. Anupama considered involving the police if needed and hoped that Pakhi was safe.

At home, Baa expressed her longing for Pakhi, and Samar mentioned that Rakhi had always been her favorite festival. Dimpy commented that Pakhi’s favorite was actually Karwachauth, which led to a minor disagreement.

Vanraj intervened, stating his disapproval of Adhik and reminding them of his repeated apologies. Toshu expressed his intention to scold Pakhi, and Kinjal emphasized the challenges faced by women between their maternal and marital homes.

Toshu and Samar decided to visit Pakhi in the morning, and Anupama anxiously awaited her daughter’s return. Anuj continued to make arrangements to search for Pakhi, and Adhik expressed his fear that Pakhi might harm herself but denied any physical harm towards her.

Vanraj then went to comfort Kavya, who expressed her desire for solitude and cry feeling judged within the family. Vanraj received a shocking message from Anuj.

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